What is the Difference Between White Hat, Black Hat, and Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO:

It is an ethical SEO method or technique. White hat SEO is preferred by all search engines and practice to do white hat SEO. In this technique, search engine guidelines are followed. If you want to increase your ranking on search engines then you must use the white hat SEO technique. This technique guarantees you 100% results. For White Hat SEO, you should do the following on content, coding, and linking.



It should be unique and free of grammatical errors. White Hat SEO should not contain any duplicate content.

Content must contain relevant keywords. Relevance means that the keyword should be relevant to the content. Don't use keyword stuffing.

Keywords should be used in page titles, titles, links, anchor text, other page content, and alt tags.



Follow the W3C Validation Guide and check HTML errors and warnings.

Create a sitemap for search engines to crawl every web page of the website.



Don't redirect to another page or website unnecessarily.

Make good internal and external linking.


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Black Hat SEO:

This is an unethical SEO technique that is unacceptable to search engines. It is harmful to any website so, don’t practice Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO includes the following techniques:


Keyword Stuffing:

It means overstuffing keywords, alt tags, and Meta tags.

Placing keywords in hidden text, by using the same color as the page background color.


Misleading content:

Use of Doorway pages or Gateway pages.

Cloaking: Use different content for search engines and different for users. For example: show cartoon websites to search engines and porn to users.



Put unrelated links in one place i.e. fill unrelated keywords in the content and place links on different pages. With linking to spamming forums and other social media sites.


Gray Hat SEO:

Gray Hat SEO is a combination of both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Where white hats are used by good programmers or SEOs and black hats are used by hackers. Of all the SEO tools and techniques most SEO people use the gray hat technique. This technique does not follow the rules of the search engine guidelines but does not penalize the search engine website. Social bookmarking and link exchanges are counted in this category. Here are the things to keep in mind when doing gray hat SEO:



In this method, keyword density is used which is high enough but lower than black hat SEO keyword stuffing. For which we can create a formula for gray hat SEO:

Keywords used in White Hat < Keywords used in Gray Hat < Keywords used in Black Hat



Link building where consistency is less important.

Planned three-way linking

Use of paid linking


Note: Do not use black hat technology otherwise your website may be penalized by search engines.


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